Jeffy Can

Based in Los Angeles - I'm a California native. Raised in the Bay, lived in San Diego, and made a home and career here now in LA for over 12 years. I'm a filmmaker, but first and foremost, just a person. Love nature. Love to tell stories. And love to affect change. Please reach out, I hope to collaborate with you!


Director of Photography

I've been behind a camera all my life. From shooting stillls on film since I was 10 years old, and now working with ARRI cameras mounted on technocranes. I've shot high and low, from ULB indie films to world-wide travel shows with the likes of Nat Geo. I'm comfortable shooting in any environment - narrative, unscripted, or even off into the wilderness.


Director, Executive Producer

Aside from camerawork - I've been an executive producer, director, head of production, and worked in development. Not afraid to wear any specific hat, because I'm a filmmaker and artist at heart - I'm willing to learn and take on roles for the opportunity to tell interesting stories in exciting ways. Because of this, I've had such a wide gamut of experiences from standing up entire production studios, overseeing line budgets on multi-million dollar shows, and showrunning all types of series.


Familiarity with all sorts of cameras. Grew up taking stills on a Nikon, so I'm no stranger to the oddball - but I'm a RED owner, love shooting on ARRI, and have spent plenty of time with Canon and Sony cameras as well. Absolute lens geek, and can talk your ear off about glass anyday.

Ronin 2 Owner/Operator

Originally has traditional steadicam training, but I never excelled at it. Once gimbals came onto the scene - I fell in love. It's definitely not the same, but often accomplishes the desired effect, and jumped at owning a Ronin 2 for the versatility. Besides flying handheld, it's been on car mounts, technocranes, dollies, and more.

FAA Part 107 Drone Certified

I want to be able to shoot from any angle. And the introductions of drones was a game changer. Owner of a Mavic 2 Pro, and intimately familiar with the Inspire 2 - I'm FAA Part 107 Certified and ready to fly.