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I’m a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Starting in the independent film scene, I worked as a cinematographer before jumping onto the digital bandwagon in 2011. I produced dozens of digital series from scripted to documentary to reality on various platforms, and eventually moved on to executive produce the feature film Ghostmates (2016) for YouTube Red, TV show Man at Arms: Art of War (2018) for El Rey Network, hybrid live action/animated scripted series Oishi Demon Hunter (2018) for Go90, among other projects across various other platforms. I continue to produce, shoot, and occasionally direct all types of projects of varying shape and scope.

My grass roots in photography stem from an inexplicable addiction to Pokémon Snap on the N64 to when I got my first camera as a young child. Shooting on film before moving to digital taught me to focus on capturing the moment rather than live on the screen reviewing the photo already taken. My photography focuses on natural landscapes, wildlife, and travel.

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